A Leader Who Builds Effective Leaders

An Article about Linda Lubin Thompson by Linda Alepin and Barbara Key

Leaders in government, industry, academia, and non-profits have many accountabilities – financial goals, visions for the future, responsible governance, etc.  Among the most important, however, is their duty to develop their employees — to create new leaders — to grow a healthy organization with skilled, resourceful, innovative, and effective leaders.

Linda Lubin Thompson of L2T Leadership Development (http://www.l2tlead.com/) is an expert in helping people to do just that.  In particular, she enjoys focusing her passion and talent on helping organizations to develop leaders just below the executive level and women at all levels.

What approaches does she take to assist people in growing and reaching their full potential?

She starts by asking her clients questions like –

  • What are you most proud of in your career?
  • What challenges have you overcome?
  • What do you want your legacy to be in three to five years?

Their answers reveal what they care most deeply about.

Linda does not stop there.  She challenges people to face their issues and find their own answers.  She encourages people to reframe their experiences, to open new possibilities through interpretation and choice.  She stimulates practicing, refinement, and mastery of new capabilities.

She provides practical, behavioral, easy to understand, “applicable to my job” tools that allow people to demonstrate leadership practices in their daily work. She compares this to following a recipe.  The first time, you do all the steps in order, and then, after tasting the results, you may add an ingredient, change an amount, heat a longer or shorter time—to make the recipe as successful as possible for you, your style, and your preferences.

The accompanying column in this newsletter describes one of those tools — the Impact Report[1].

Linda notes that “Clients, especially women, do not always get the recognition they deserve and do not know how to get it without feeling like they are boasting.  The Impact Report helps them describe their accomplishments in terms of what it makes possible for the business, the “so what” of their work.” It is not, however, only a tool for women – many of Linda’s male clients report finding it is a valuable way for a team to clearly see their accomplishments.

She leads people to understand their strengths and to solicit/value the advice of others.  Her approaches make it easier to be a leader when you do not know everything yourself or must make decisions with incomplete information.

Creating leaders can be among the most rewarding experiences in life.  As a coach, Linda has had the opportunity to watch people grow and take pride in the results they have generated.  Those leaders, in turn, will create more leaders of effective organizations all over the world.

Can you imagine working with a coach like Linda to increase your impact?

[1] Adapted from the “Register for Accomplishment” used by the Generative Leadership Group in the 1990s.

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